for continuing students

download a pdf version of the first semester sy 2020-2021 enrollment flow for continuing students.

step 1: check balances

login to mysilliman. you may email [email protected] if you forgot your password or [email protected] for other concerns. scholars should email the scholarship and student aid division ([email protected]) or office of the registrar and admissions ([email protected]) or divinity school ([email protected]) first so these departments can inform the business and finance of the amount of the scholarship.

step 2: payment

pay the outstanding balance, if any, together with at least php 5,000 as a down payment (except medical school). for payments, we encourage you to use the mysilliman portal so you can stay in your homes. all major credit cards are accepted. alternatively, you may pay through the following banks which provide us online services.

note: the charging guidelines for the su faculty/staff and sumcfi dependents will be emailed to them for their reference and guidance.

for credit card online payment, real-time activation of “ok to enroll” at mysilliman.

for bank payments, students are advised to wait for the next business day for activation of “ok to enroll”. email [email protected] if you have concerns.

click here to see the schedule of fees.

step 3a: payment scheme selection

select a payment scheme by clicking the “payscheme” tile at the mysilliman homepage. at the payscheme page, click the “change payment scheme to” dropdown button to choose your preferred payment scheme. details of your selected payment scheme will appear. click “i agree” after reading the undertaking to finalize your preferred scheme. wait for the page to save your scheme. when done, it will display a notification that your payment scheme has been updated.

click here for a step-by-step guide on choosing a payment scheme.

step 3b: adding of subjects

students select subjects at mysilliman. students may contact their respective departments for subjects not listed in the offerings. emails can be accessed at //

click here to learn how to add subjects.

step 4: adviser’s confirmation

upon submission of courses to be enrolled, a message will appear in your mysilliman indicating that enrollment is final after verification by the adviser. your adviser will evaluate the selected subjects. if a schedule is not approved by the adviser, a student is recommended to contact his/her respective department to address any problem that may have been encountered in the enrollment process.

once verified and confirmed by your adviser, a message will appear indicating that you are “officially enrolled” on your next visit of the same online enrollment page.


activate your mysoul then register to your virtual classroom. all classes will be delivered using mysoul, the official learning management system of the university. students are required to have regular, reliable access to a computer with a stable broadband internet connection (a bandwidth of 4 mbps or higher is recommended).

click here for the steps in registering to a virtual classroom.